Confectionery Made from Heart

Before the company was established, Mr. Noriichi Fujinawa, the founder of YOKU MOKU, made some confectionery out of his preciously kept food ingredients. The joy that his food brought to people had shown the magical power of confectionery, which eventually led him to dedicate his life to the confectionery industry.

In YOKU MOKU, each piece of confectionery is made with earnest sincerity, the only way to make the really delicious confectionery.

YOKU MOKU – The Master of Cookies
With over 40 years of history, YOKU MOKU has become a symbol of status.
To stand out as the best high-quality cookies, all of our products, including our signature product, Cigare, are made in Japan. So far there are over 150 points of sales in Japan with overseas branches across 5 regions.

Birth Of the High Value Confectionery
Founded by Mr. Noriichi Fujinawa in Japan during the 70’ s, YOKU MOKU aims to offer top quality of confectionery and provide the best customer satisfaction possible. The name “YOKU MOKU” originated from a small town called “JOKKMOKK” in northern Sweden . Inspired by the beautiful surroundings and friendly residents, Mr. Fujinawa dedicated his life passionately to the making of confectionery, in order to bring blissfulness and joy to the people.

Birth of the “Perfect Cigare”
To make the perfect confectionery, the factory site and ingredients are impeccably selected. Embraced with rows of Japanese cedars, the YOKU MOKU factory is an elegant, refreshing and joyful working place. Mr. Fujinawa vigorously pursued his vision to create his ideal cookies by using the best quality butter, egg white, sugar and flour. He created his ”golden balance“ after numerous trials and hard-work – and this is the secret of “Cigare”.

ISO22000 Certified
Our main factory is certified in accordance with “ISO 22000” , which is a globally recognized certification for its rigorous examination for the safety of food and manufacturing system. “ISO 22000” is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization dealing with food safety. It integrates the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and application steps developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

The YOKU MOKU confectioneries are created under the internationally recognized hygiene control system.