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【Here comes the year of Tiger!】

The Chinese New Year is coming! YOKU MOKU specially designed New Year assortments to celebrate the Year of Tiger!

YOKU MOKU is proudly presented to you a Cookie Assortment (New Year edition) which is designed with a celebratory red color and filled with a festive ambience. The metallic cover is depicted with a majestic king of beasts in gold stamping lines. With the noble and elegant flowers and exquisite tiny plum blossoms to contrast, this gift box is gorgeous but not loses the grace. The king of beasts on the gift box signifies good health and good fortune in the upcoming New Year.

This New year limited Cookie Assortment includes classic signature Cigare, Double thé vert Matcha and Double thé grillé Hôjicha. The cookies taste tea refreshing and fragrance. Sincerely New Year gift from YOKU MOKU, send the most glamorous blessings to your family.

Limited time offer, get on now to celebrate the Year of Tiger with YOKU MOKU!
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