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【 Full bloom】

Sakura in full bloom are a refreshing sight.

The YOKU MOKU Double chocolat au Sakura Assortment is designed in Japan, with pink petals showing the beauty of Sakura, and the 9-piece outer box of Double chocolat au Sakura Assortment is decorated with bronzing Sakura , which is more noble.

YOKU MOKU Double chocolat au Sakura Asortment  is designed with Japanese Sakura, and the pink petals present the beauty of akura blossoms blooming.

  • A touch of Sakura cookie flavor and sweet white chocolate filling, even the individual packaging is designed with Sakura, allowing you to indulge in a sea of ​​Sakura this spring.
Mother’s Day Cakes Add More Mood to the Holidays
YOKU MOKU presents “Minami Aoyama Cake Roll Sakura Flavor”
Using Japanese Salted Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Wheat Flour, New Zealand Butter
And direct delivery from Hokkaido, adding cream of French brand cherry purée
Multi-layered, special cake for mom
Enjoy the warmest moments together!

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