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【It’s back!】Cigare au Matcha

YOKU MOKU 抹茶 味雪茄蛋卷

Cigare au Matcha is back in a limited time with good reputation. Let’s enjoy the freshness of spring and early summer with YOKU MOKU!

“Mirage of Cigare and Matcha”

YOKU MOKU 抹茶 味雪茄蛋卷

A marble like design of deep greens express the flavour of matcha and gold fine line outline the same of cigares, expressing “Mirage of Cigares and Matcha”.

A Pleasant Aftertaste

YOKU MOKU 抹茶 味雪茄蛋卷

A matcha flavoured buttery langue de chat with matcha flavoured chocolate filling. Sweetness and rich flavour of matcha go well with butter riches flavour. A slight bitterness of matcha will bring you a pleasant aftertaste.

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