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【Inviting Prosperity and Good Fortune】New Year Gift Bag Unboxing

In addition to gift boxes, we also have special Japanese-style New Year editions, filled with exquisite details.

Billet au chocolat au lait(Gift Bag) 12pcs

It features the symbolic colors of red and white for the Japanese New Year, along with the auspicious “Daruma” figure, representing good luck and fortune. With two packaging designs, “Inviting Blessings” and “Lucky,” it brings an abundance of luck for the new year

New Year Cigare Gift Bag 10pcs

Inspired by Mount Fuji, it captures the first sunrise of the new year. Each individually packaged piece comes with a random design of one of the six lucky items (designs vary), allowing you to savor the classic #Cigare while appreciating the New Year’s details.