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【Full Bloom】Double chocolat au Sakura

YOKU MOKU’s limited-edition spring collection”Double chocolat au Sakura” allows you to indulge in the deliciousness of spring.

The packaging design features beautiful #sakura trees against a clear blue sky, symbolizing the beginning of spring, new stages, new lives, or new challenges. In Japan, March is the graduation season, and April marks the start of a new school year or business year. Therefore, April is considered a great time to try new things and brings the best wishes.

The “Double chocolat au Sakura” filled with rich and creamy white chocolate. They leave a light and lingering taste, tempting you to savor each bite. Immerse yourself in a world of blooming sakura and experience the fragrant essence of spring.

During the season of sakura splendor, join us in savoring YOKU MOKU’s limited-edition “Double chocolat au Sakura” and let your taste buds bloom in sync with spring!

YOKU MOKU 櫻花朱古力夾心曲奇

Double chocolat au Sakura 10pcs

YOKU MOKU 櫻花 朱古力夾心曲奇
The “Double chocolat au Sakura 10pcs” stands out among the three limited-edition products, presented in a paper box that showcases embossed sakura blossoms in full bloom. This adds an exquisite and romantic touch to the entire packaging. As you open the box, you will be surrounded by a floral fragrance, as if immersed in the blooming sakura lining the streets of Japan. The arrangement of the  “Double chocolat au Sakura”  resembles a simulated Japanese street with #sakura blossoms in full bloom on both sides, offering you a dual enjoyment of visual and gustatory delight.

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Double chocolat au Sakura 24pcs

YOKU MOKU 櫻花 朱古力夾心曲奇
The “Double chocolat au Sakura 24pcs” comes in a round tin box as its packaging. The composition on the cover of the tin box transports you to the heart of Japanese streets, with #sakura trees blooming on both sides while you gaze up at the clear blue sky and drifting white clouds. This exquisite packaging design evokes the atmosphere and romantic sentiment of spring, as if you were immersed in a magical realm of blooming sakura. The 24 pieces of “Double chocolat au Sakura” are presented in a spiral arrangement inside the inner box, their vibrant and captivating appearance resembling fully bloomed sakura blossoms.

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Double chocolat au Sakura assortment 36pcs

YOKU MOKU 櫻花 朱古力夾心曲奇
The “Double chocolat au Sakura assortment 36pcs” features a paper sleeve packaging with the theme of sakura blossoms being blown into the blue sky by the spring breeze, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. The cover of the tin box presents a horizontal view of rows of fully bloomed #sakura trees, as if transporting you into a sakura blossom wonderland, where you can almost smell the fragrant aroma of sakura blossoms. The gift box includes YOKU MOKU’s signature #Cigare, popular Chocolate-flavored Cigare, and the limited-edition “Double chocolat au Sakura”. The clever arrangement inside the box resembles sakura trees blooming on both sides of a Japanese street, allowing you to not only savor the treats but also feel the essence of spring, immersing yourself in the fragrant and sweet ambiance of the season.

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