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【Unboxing】Double chocolat au Sakura assortment 36pcs

The “Double chocolat au Sakura assortment 36pcs” features a paper sleeve packaging with the theme of sakura blossoms being blown into the blue sky by the spring breeze, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. The cover of the tin box presents a horizontal view of rows of fully bloomed #sakura trees, as if transporting you into a sakura blossom wonderland, where you can almost smell the fragrant aroma of sakura blossoms. The gift box includes YOKU MOKU’s signature Cigare, popular Chocolate-flavored Cigare, and the limited-edition “Double chocolat au Sakura”. The clever arrangement inside the box resembles sakura trees blooming on both sides of a Japanese street, allowing you to not only savor the treats but also feel the essence of spring, immersing yourself in the fragrant and sweet ambiance of the season.

Now available on our e-shop and at all branches simultaneously!
Limited quantities, available while stocks last.