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【Uji Matcha Flavor Returns!】

YOKU MOKU’s Matcha flavor Cigare are back for a limited time! Infused with premium Uji Matcha powder and filled with Matcha chocolate! The delicate balance of subtle tea aroma and the sweetness of butter enhances the Cigare. Available for a limited time in both limited edition tin boxes and paper boxes. Experience the fragrance and lingering taste of Matcha, combined with the natural sweetness of butter.

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Indulge in the Rich Flavor of Uji Matcha

The Matcha-flavored Cigare used Kyoto Uji Matcha, which is the first harvest of the spring season and stored at low temperatures for approximately 6 months to 1 year. This enhances the richness and depth of the Matcha flavor while preserving its unique aroma! Through delicate blending, the Cigare achieve a perfect balance between the creamy richness of the rolls and the natural sweetness of Matcha, showcasing the vibrant taste and bright, natural color of Matcha! The Matcha-flavored Cigare are perfect for the refreshing season of early summer. Get your hands on them now to experience the vivid color and unique flavor of Matcha!

YOKUMOKU 雪茄蛋卷 宇治抹茶

Available for a limited time in both limited edition tin boxes and paper boxes

Chere here for “Cigare au Matcha 14pcs (2 box set)”  tin box version at e-shop

Chere here for “Cigare au Matcha 5pcs (2 box set)” paper box version at e-shop

YOKUMOKU 雪茄蛋卷 宇治抹茶

Available in e-shop and all branches simultaneously.